Lemonwood is in recess pending building a new cafe at another location. Location yet to be revealed!


Welcome to LEMONWOOD EATERY, Taranaki’s most fabulous Plant based restaurant. Step inside and be amazed by the ambience, the food and the warmth of this little café set in the heart of the seaside village of Oakura. Barbara Olsen-Henderson’s signature colourful décor is obvious when you step in the door, and she has drawn together a team of engaging, friendly staff to serve you. Her plant-based menu is well thought out and shows a passion and flair for tasty, colourful, wholesome food that will leave you deeply satisfied when you dine here. Dining at Lemonwood Eatery is a must if you’re visiting Taranaki. It’s worth the drive 😊

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Menu ♥

BARB’S MACADAMIA MUESLIsensational with local macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, sliced Almonds, Oats & agave syrup baked till deliciously crunchy and served with Coconut Yoghurt and Fruit 14.9

BUCKWHEAT PIKELET STACK w Blueberry conserve & house-made Lime Curd 17.9 gf*

TOASTED HOUSE-MADE BREADS w Olivani and a SPREAD 13.9   extra spread + 2


Spreads: Housemade – Jam, LimeKiwifruit Marmalade, Macadamia butter, Pics Peanut Butter, Marmite, Banana

TACOS RANCHEROS – Crispy house-made corn & wheat tacos w beans, guacamole, marinated tofu & salad With corn & olive salsa 22.9 add cashew sour cream 24.9 (gf on request)*

LEMONWOOD BREKKY – 2x Rosemary & Sage Sausages, hashcake, baked beans, spinach, tomato, eggy scramble, fakebacon crisps, toast & relish 26.9

BUBBLE n SQUEAK HASHCAKES – layered with cheese or seared marinated tofu, tomato, sweet feijoa chutney and cashew sour cream   19.9 Add Spinach 22.9 gf*

BAKED BEANS & SAUSAGES – on Lemonwood wholemeal Toast – herby sausages w our tasty housemade beans19.9 Add spinach 22.9

LEMONWOOD PILEUP – grilled house bread slathered with garlic butter and fresh basil pesto then piled w sliced tomatoes, avocado, spinach and sweet feijoa-lime chutney. Sprinkled with almond feta 21.9 Add marinated seared tofu 24.9 *

MASALA SCRAMBLED EGGY TOFU – on toasted Lemonwood bread with seared tomato19.9 * Add baked beans 22.9

LEMONWOOD BENNY – Seared Eggy Tofu on Sunflower Toast, with spinach and Lemony Hollandaise 19.9  Add tomato 22.9 *

LEMONWOOD BURGER – Tasty housemade broccoli & red bean patty, beets, pickles, greens, onions, tomato, cheese with our sweet relish on a soft Lemonwood bun 19.9 * Add fries 22.9

SUNFED SLIDERS x 3 – w slaw on housemade baby buns 21

CREAMY MUSHROOMS – on lemonwood toast 17.9 (gf on request)*

BARB’S MINCE ON TOAST – savory soy mince on our rustic Brown bread toasted 17.9 (gf on request)*

extras you can add

LEMONWOOD side SALAD – delicious mix of Kaitake organic greens, our fragrant Carrot & Ginger Sauerkraut, pickled Red Cabbage & sweetly pickled sultanas & cranberries 5.0 gf*

SKINON side of STRING FRIES – golden and skinny 5.0 gf*

GARLIC BREAD side portion – (2) house-made bread grilled with salty, herby garlic Olivani butter 5.0 * 

Spinach / Tomato / Sausage / Hash Cake / Masala scrambled Tofu / Baked Beans 3.6

House-made Toast / Almond Feta / Avo or Guacamole / Seared Marinated Tofu 3.6

Cashew Sour Cream / Lemony Hollandaise / House Relish / House-made Jam 2

SIDES AS A MEAL prices as noted plus 4.0 plating charge   Half sized meal deduct $3

House-made Gluten Free Bread to substitute for toast upon request extra 2.0

*Please be aware that any of our meals may contain traces of gluten and nuts. We do our best to keep the gf items free from gluten, but these ingredients are used in our kitchen in other dishes. We don’t have a separate gf kitchen ♥ 


POTATO CRISPS w Smoky Herb Salt 5.9 gf*

TRIPLE COOKED FRIES w tomato sauce 11.9 gf*

SKINNY FRIES w tomato sauce 7.9 gf*

POLENTA CHIPS w cumin seeds – crispy & golden outside w a firm center – w Smoky Aioli gf* 11.9 

BARB’S POT STICKER DUMPLINGS w Miso dipping sauce 16.9

BATTERED CAULIFLOWER FLORETS w our sweet Red Doris Plum sauce or Smoky Aioli 16.9

GARLIC & SESAME WONTONS – crispy pastries filled with seasoned crumbled tofu, spring onions, sesame oil, served with our Sweet Red Doris Plum Sauce 16.9

BREAD PLATTER – selection of house breads, toasted & fresh with various dips 19.9

SHARING PLATTER COMBO – the Chef’s selection of house-made treats, including many of the above – Serves 4 people as a snack or a meal for 2 people 36.9

GARLIC BREAD – house bread served crusty & hot w garlic butter 9.9 w chutney 11.9

NACHOS – Barb’s famous tasty soy mince, topped w cashew sour cream, corn & olive salsa & avocado 18.9 gf*

We make the majority of our jams, relishes & chutneys in house and our breads are baked fresh daily using our overnight ferment. We use organic and local produce when we can and we love cooking using good old-fashioned methods and no pre-mixes. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions so that we don’t poison you with some normal ingredient! 😊

You can relax knowing that no animal products have been used in our cooking.           We love plants ♥

Drinks ♥

¿What’s Hot?
InCafé Coffees
Soy/ Almond/ Coconut/ Oat/ Dairy

Black $3.9
White $5.5
Raw Spice Chai $5.5
Beetroot Latte $5.5
Turmeric Latte $5.5
Aniseed Latte $6
Hot Chocolate $5.5
Mocha $6.30

Selection of Tea Total Teas $4.50
English Breakfast
Early Grey Special
Japanese Green Tea w Lime
Nepal Masala
Grans Berry Garden
Intense Orange Passion
Lemon Ginger Kiss

House-made Lemon Ginger Agave $5.5
Hot Water $2.9

¿Local Craft Beers?
Three Sisters Rain in the Face IPA $12.5
Panhead Blacktop Oat Stout $11
Corona $8
Amstel Light $8

Bohemian Ciders-
Tamarillo Amarillo $11.9
Oatmeal Cookie $11.9
¿What’s Juicy?
Apple $4.5
Orange $4.5

Local Feijoa & Apple $5.5
Tomato $4.5
Raw Banana & Berry Smoothy $6.9
¿What’s Fizzy?
Coca Cola $4.5
Coke Zero $4.5
Lemonade $4.5
Sparkling Water $4.5
Local KATO Sparkling Water 700ml $9
Monsoon Ginger Beer w Cardamom $6
Coaqua Coconut Water $6
Ginger Ale/ Tonic/ LLB $5
Kombucha $7.5
Iced Coffee/ Mocha/ Chocolate $7.5

¿Very Nice Vegan Wines?
Bright Water – Nelson $10 Glass $40 Bottle
Sauvignon Blanc
Pinot Gris
Pinot Noir
Blackenbrook – Nelson $49 Bottle
Pinot Gris
Sauvignon Blanc

Contact ♥

Opening Hours
Lemonwood is in recess pending building a new cafe at another location. Location yet to be revealed

Where To Find Us
Lemonwood Eatery
1131 South Road

FACEBOOK: @lemonwoodeateryINSTAGRAM: @lemonwoodeatery

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